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Mobile Application

Mobile Application Project Process

Research & Analysis

Research & Analysis

Research and analysis is one of the most important steps in mobile app development.

Design & Development

Design & Development

We define the people who will use the mobile application and design the user experience according to these definitions

Device Compatibility Test

Device Compatibility Test

Device compatibility testing is performed after the mobile application development phase or before the application is presented to users.

Submitting to Application Marketplaces

Submitting to Application Marketplaces

The last step of mobile application design and development is to submit the mobile application to the markets.

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Mobile Application

Mobile Application

That's right, mobile applications are software that run on portable devices such as smartphones and tablets. These apps are developed to meet users' specific needs, provide entertainment, facilitate access to information or offer interactive experiences.

Mobile apps are usually coded and designed specifically for specific operating systems, such as iOS (Apple) or Android. The purpose of these apps is to enable users to use their smart devices more efficiently.

Mobile Application

The Importance of Mobile

The Importance of Mobile

Certainly, mobile apps are becoming increasingly important and are used in many different areas. From e-commerce to games, from delivery services to financial applications, there is a wide range of mobile applications. With advancing technology and changing user habits, mobile apps are constantly evolving.

Especially when new digital areas such as the metaverse are planned, mobile applications are expected to be used effectively in this area as well. Mobile applications facilitate users' daily lives by enabling them to access information quickly and easily.

The fact that mobile applications are faster and more user-friendly than websites is one of the important factors that direct users to mobile applications. In addition, for companies that want to create brand awareness, getting mobile application development services allows them to communicate more effectively with their customers. Mobile application design is also of great importance as part of digital marketing strategies. E-commerce sites can get mobile application design services to increase customer satisfaction and increase sales. Research shows that the majority of users prefer mobile applications while shopping, which once again emphasizes the importance of mobile application development service.

The Importance of Mobile

What Aims?

What Aims?

Your confidence that the mobile apps you design will drive your brand forward is very motivating. With Hi Bro Agency's mobile app development services, you will be able to communicate with your customers faster and more effectively. It is important to understand that mobile app development prices vary depending on the features of the app. Working with a reliable mobile app development agency like Hi Bro Agency will be a big step for your brand to succeed in the digital space.

In order to make the most of mobile app development services, it is important to first determine your expectations from the mobile app and get to know your target audience. Thus, you can maximize the user experience and reach your goals more effectively. When evaluating mobile app design prices, it is important to make the right decision in line with your budget and the capabilities of the agency.

By following the steps in the mobile app development process and working with the right agency, you can achieve successful results for your brand. The increasing popularity of mobile applications is a great opportunity for your brand to gain more visibility in the digital world. Therefore, it is important for your brand to take advantage of these opportunities by getting mobile application design services.

What Aims?


Kurumsal web tasarımı, markanızın dijital yüzüdür. Biz, markanızın benzersiz kişiliğini anlayarak, size özel bir tasarım sunuyoruz. Profesyonel ekibimiz, modern trendlere uygun, mobil uyumlu ve SEO dostu web siteleri oluşturmak için burada. Müşteri odaklı yaklaşımımız ve tecrübemizle, markanızı dijital dünyada ön plana çıkarıyoruz.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The web design process usually includes the following stages: planning, design concept, content preparation, development, testing and revisions, final approval and publishing.

Responsive web design is an approach that aims to optimize the user experience by adapting a website to different devices and screen sizes.

SEO enables websites to rank higher in search engines and helps them reach a wider audience. SEO in web design is closely related to factors such as user experience, content quality and site performance.

The following methods can be applied to improve the user experience: designing a user-friendly and intuitive interface, providing fast-loading pages, mobile compatibility, providing clear and effective content, and making continuous improvements based on user feedback.

Popular software tools used for web design include Adobe XD, Sketch, Figma, InVision Studio and Photoshop. These are used for visual design, prototyping and user interface design.

The cost of web design projects varies depending on the scope of the project, timeline, design and functionality requirements. In order to set a budget that suits the goals and needs of your business, it is recommended that you conduct a price research and hire a suitable design firm or freelancer, taking into account all stages of the web design process.

The completion time of a website varies depending on the scope of the project, its functionality, content and visual design requirements. Small and simple projects can usually be completed in a few weeks, while more complex and customized projects can take months. To meet the needs of your business, it is important to plan the web design process from start to finish and set an appropriate timeline.

We continue our activities in Turkey and globally. Our company is in the state of Delaware in America.  Our office in Turkey is located in the Marmara region, also as service regions to list

Marmara web design
Istanbul web design
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Web design is mainly based on HTML, CSS and JavaScript. HTML is used for structuring web pages, while CSS organizes the visual design of pages. JavaScript adds dynamic and interactive features to pages.  We prefer Django, React, Node.js and similar technologies on the server side of your project. 

A website is an important tool for a business. With the increasing use of the internet, most businesses need to create a website. However, creating a website is not a simple task. It is important for businesses to know what to look for before hiring a web design service.

A web design service can be customized to meet the needs of a business. However, choosing the right web design service is important for the success of your business. First, you must determine the needs of your business. What kind of website do you need? How much budget have you allocated? Which features are important? Then, you should research companies that offer web design services. You can get a quality service by examining the company's experience, portfolio and customer references.

Choosing the right web design company is an important decision for your business. Many web design companies offer different prices and services. To choose the right company, determine the needs of your business. Also, examine the customer references and portfolios of web design companies. The right web design firm will meet the needs of your business, provide quality service and customer support, and complete projects on time.

A website is your business' digital asset. A well-designed website enables your business to engage with customers and do business. The advantages of getting web design services are: A professional look and user experience, customized design and functionality, SEO compliant website creation, mobile device compatibility, secure and updated website, fast loading time, and more. Getting web design services provides many benefits to your business. A website increases your business' online presence and makes it easier for you to interact more with your customers. While you can add value to your business by creating a website that suits your business needs, a bad web design service can damage your business image.

Web design is the digital asset of a business and the user experience of a website is critical to its success. User experience is about what a user feels, thinks and does on a website. Making users feel comfortable on a website is important to increase brand awareness of the business and ensure customer satisfaction. Here are some important things you need to know about web design user experience:

First Impression: The first impression of a website can determine how a user feels about a website and how long they want to stay. The first impression is related to the website's design, colors and user interface. A good first impression shows that the website is user-friendly and functional, while a bad first impression can cause users to leave the website immediately.

User Friendly Interface: User experience starts with designing the website with a user-friendly interface. A website should enable users to easily find the information they want. Website menus and sub-pages should be clear and easily understandable. User-friendly interfaces should be used to eliminate the problems that users face while navigating the website.

Site Speed: The speed of the website is critical to the user experience. Users may leave immediately due to slow opening of the website or slow loading pages. The speed of a website can cause users to stay on the website longer and interact more.

Mobile Compatible: Mobile devices are one of the most widely used means to access websites. A website should be compatible with mobile devices and provide a good user experience on mobile devices as well. A mobile-friendly website allows users to navigate the website comfortably and easily.

Web design is about the visual and user experience (UX) aspects of a website. Web development, on the other hand, includes the technical aspects of web design and is concerned with the coding, programming and functionality of websites.

User experience (UX) refers to the quality of users' interactions with a product or service. A successful UX increases user satisfaction, boosts conversion rates and builds a loyal customer base. Hi bro team specializes in UX design and can successfully create your user-friendly interfaces.

Depending on the complexity of the design process and project requirements, results may vary. However, the Hi bro team works quickly and effectively, improving the quality of your design and sticking to the project timeline.

Mobile-friendly design is designed in accordance with responsive design principles. This involves designing for different screen sizes and devices. Hi bro team is experienced in creating mobile responsive designs and ensures that users have a consistent experience across different platforms.

We closely follow the trends in the UI/UX world and update our designs accordingly. We focus on trends that improve the user experience and reflect the modern design approach. Hi bro team makes your product competitive by offering trend-oriented designs.

For a user-friendly interface design, we emphasize criteria such as understanding user needs, providing intuitive navigation, creating visual hierarchy, and ensuring accessibility. Hi bro team follows best practices to create user-friendly interfaces.

A successful UI/UX design can increase conversion rates because it makes it easier for users to interact with the product or service and provides a positive experience. Hi bro team increases the success of your business by creating conversion-oriented designs.

We use metrics such as user testing, user feedback, usability analysis, conversion rates to measure UI/UX success. Hi bro team applies a comprehensive measurement strategy to evaluate the performance of your design.

Our design process includes user research, compensation analysis, prototyping and user testing. Hi bro team develops a detailed strategy and delivers impressive designs to meet user needs.

We use professional design tools such as Sketch, Adobe XD, Figma in our design process. We also use prototyping tools for user testing. Hi bro team optimizes your design using the latest technologies.

We value user feedback and use it at every stage of our design process. We test prototypes, participate in user testing and analyze feedback to improve our design. Hi bro team optimizes your design by effectively evaluating user feedback.

We generally use basic web technologies such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript to develop websites. We also prefer server-side programming languages such as PHP, Python, Ruby and various web frameworks depending on the need. Hi bro team is here to provide the best technology solutions to suit your project's requirements.

Our website development process usually includes needs analysis, design, development, testing and publishing. We work closely with you throughout this process, focusing on understanding your needs and achieving the best results. The Hi bro team specializes in project management and guides you through every step of the process.

For website security, we take measures such as SSL certificates, strong password policies and regular updates. For performance, we use optimized code structure, fast servers and caching techniques. The Hi bro team specializes in security and performance optimization and manages every aspect of your website in the best way possible.

We take modern design trends and usability principles into consideration when developing our websites. Factors such as user-friendly interfaces, designs that comply with accessibility standards and mobile compatibility are our priority. Hi bro team specializes in user-oriented design and usability and works to improve user satisfaction of your website.

To evaluate customer feedback, we regularly present design prototypes and take customer opinions into account. We also collect feedback through usability tests and beta versions and continuously improve the design. The Hi bro team cares about customer feedback and strives to ensure that your website meets customer expectations.

We use responsive design techniques to ensure the mobile compatibility of the website. This allows the website to automatically adapt to different screen sizes and devices. We also offer optimized experiences for mobile users. Hi bro team specializes in mobile compatibility and ensures that your website offers the best experience to every user.

To make the website SEO-friendly, we use a clean and organized code structure, optimize meta tags and use the right keywords in the content. In addition, increasing site speed and ensuring mobile compatibility also positively affects SEO performance. Hi bro team works together with SEO experts and ensures that your website achieves better ranking in search engines.

We use various channels to ensure regular communication during the project process, including email, telephone and project management tools

To ensure the scalability of the website, we use a modular code structure and design the infrastructure with future growth needs in mind. We also implement solutions that optimize performance in high traffic situations. Hi bro team ensures that your website is always up-to-date and scalable.

We apply different testing phases during the development process of websites, including unit tests, integration tests, usability tests and performance tests. We also get feedback from real users through beta versions. The Hi bro team pays great attention to the quality control process and meticulously checks every aspect of your website.

Hi bro team is led by an experienced and specialized team. We take a customer-centric approach and are committed to completing your projects on time and within budget. By working with Hi bro team, you can successfully develop your mobile app and achieve your goals.

User research, user feedback and user experience testing are important to design a user-friendly mobile app. Hi bro team makes the app easy to use by adopting a user-centered design approach.

The security of user data is an important issue in the application development process. Hi bro team protects user data by following data encryption, secure server communication and data security standards.

Security is an important part of the mobile app development process. Hi bro team ensures the security of the mobile app by taking measures such as data encryption, user authentication, secure API usage and up-to-date software security standards.

The testing phases used in the mobile app development process include unit tests, integration tests, acceptance tests and beta tests. Hi bro team applies a comprehensive testing process to ensure the quality and functionality of the app.

Techniques such as code optimization, database management, caching and user interface optimization are used to improve the performance of the mobile app. Hi bro team strives to ensure that the app runs fast and efficiently.

Hi bro team uses various channels to ensure regular communication with our customers. We prefer communication methods such as project management tools, email, phone calls and meetings.

User experience, user interface, performance, security and usability are important factors in mobile app design. Hi bro team designs a user-friendly and effective mobile application by taking these factors into account.

Hi bro team can develop mobile apps for iOS, Android or cross platforms. We determine the platforms suitable for customer needs and target audience.

The mobile app development process includes needs analysis, design, development, testing and deployment. Hi bro team can successfully manage this process by providing you support at every step of the way.

Throughout the development process, we stay in regular contact and provide you with updates on the progress of the project. We organize regular meetings to understand your needs and meet your requirements. As Hi bro team, we ensure the successful progress of the project through transparent and effective communication.

Regular maintenance and updating of web applications is important to close security gaps and optimize performance. By performing regular updates and backups, we ensure that your application remains secure and efficient at all times. As Hi bro team, we regularly maintain your web application and intervene quickly when any problems occur.

We perform a wide range of tests for our web applications, including unit tests, integration tests, acceptance tests and performance tests. These tests are important to ensure the stability and quality of the application. As Hi bro team, we aim to minimize bugs by testing every aspect of your web application.

When developing our web applications, we design them to run smoothly on mobile devices. By using responsive design techniques, we ensure that your application is compatible with different screen sizes. Hi bro team ensures that your web application offers the best experience for mobile users.

To design a user-friendly web application, we conduct user research and take user feedback into account. We ensure that the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) are easy to understand and user-friendly. Hi bro team ensures that your web application is designed to meet the needs of the users.

We use strategies such as code optimization, caching techniques and reducing server response times to improve the performance of web applications. We also perform load tests to ensure that the application remains robust even under heavy use cases. Hi bro team takes the necessary measures to keep your web application running fast and efficiently.

The security of web applications is a priority for us. We run security tests to close security gaps and use modern encryption methods to ensure data security. As Hi bro team, we take the necessary measures to keep your web application's user data safe.

We use modular structures and cloud-based infrastructures to ensure scalability of your web applications. This ensures that your web application is suitable for growth and increased user traffic. Hi bro team ensures that your application always scales appropriately to meet increasing demands.

Our development process starts with understanding your needs and includes design, development, testing and deployment. At each stage we provide you with regular updates and get your feedback. As Hi bro team, we support you at every stage of the project process and take your requests into account.

We usually develop web applications with modern technologies. This can include JavaScript libraries and frameworks (e.g. React, Angular, Vue.js), Node.js for the backend, Python, or Ruby. We assess your needs to choose the best technology for your business. With Hi bro team, we can develop powerful and functional web applications using the latest technologies.

We use user testing, observation and feedback collection to test the prototypes. We evaluate the user experience by having users try the prototypes in real use cases. Hi bro team can help you improve your prototype by effectively managing user testing.

We typically use design tools and prototyping software to create prototypes. These tools include design tools like Figma, Sketch, Adobe XD and prototyping tools like InVision, Marvel. The Hi bro team can optimize your prototyping process by selecting the most suitable tools for you.

The prototype development process usually includes analysis, design, prototyping, testing and iteration. As Hi bro team, we can help you create a quality prototype by working meticulously through each step.

Prototype development is an early-stage exercise to test the design and functionality of a product or service. This process is important to identify bugs early, get user feedback and determine the final product. Together with Hi bro team, you can successfully manage the prototype development process and achieve your goals.

The prototype development process can vary depending on project complexity and requirements. But usually an initial version can be completed within a few weeks. As Hi bro team, we guarantee on-time delivery and quality work.

We will be in constant communication with you at every stage of the prototype development process. Starting from the design phase, we will share each version of the prototype with you and improve the prototype with your feedback. By collaborating with the Hi bro team, you can ensure that your prototype is shaped according to your wishes.

During the prototype development process, we organize regular meetings and keep in touch via e-mail and communication tools. We also meet with you at every stage of the prototype to get your feedback and share developments. The Hi bro team will be by your side to ensure the success of the project through effective communication and collaboration.

Front-end and back-end technologies are generally used in the prototype development process. Technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript are preferred for front-end and Python, Node.js, Ruby for back-end. Hi bro team can develop your prototype in the best way by selecting the technologies that suit the requirements of your project.

We pay special attention to data security, intellectual property protection and confidentiality during the prototype development process. We conduct all our work in accordance with these principles and protect customer information securely. By collaborating with Hi bro team, you can experience a safe and robust prototype development process.

The cost of the prototype development process varies depending on the scope and complexity of the project and the tools used. However, as Hi bro team, we work to provide a solution that fits your budget and develop strategies to minimize costs.

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